Tuesday, June 20, 2017

How Conservative Are Republican Senators?

Click here for an article in The New York Times by Wilson Andrews and Haeyoun Park, entitled "The Senate Is Close to a Health Care Bill, but do Republicans Have the Votes? It includes a graphic that shows how all the Republican senators rank on a scale of their conservatism (June 20, 2017). It shows the most extreme right-winger as Mike Lee (Utah), closely followed by Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Jeff Flake, and Ben Sasse. A tad less conservative, but still way off on the right, are Kennedy (Louisiana) and Strange (Alabama). Then come Scott (South Carolina) and Perdue (Georgia).Then come Toomey (Pennsylvania), Cotton (Arkansas), and Risch (Idaho). Marco Rubio (Florida) and Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) are next.

Way off on the left, all alone, is Susan Collins (Maine). Quite a bit further right is the next "lefty," Lisa Murkowski (Alaska). Capito (West Virginia) and Cochran (Mississippi) are next.


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