Friday, September 1, 2017

Sessions Lies About Increase In Violent Crime

Click here for an article in The Washington Post by Nicole Lewis entitled "Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s claim that a violent crime wave is sweeping the nation."

Here's a graph of the incidence of violent crime in the U.S. over the long term:

Sessions is fearmongering the specter of violent criminals (mostly immigrants and African-Americans) coming to kill us all in our beds, in order to press that dismal failure, the "war on drugs," to militarize the police so they can wage war on the American public, and just generally usher in a police state while trying to take the nation back to an idealized notion of the '50s that never really existed.

***** UPDATE

Click here for another article on Sessions' lies, this one an article by Kelly Macias at Daily Kos entitled "Jeff Sessions's constant claims that violent crime is on the rise are simply not true."


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