Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sexual Harrassment At Fox News, Despite Rupert Murdoch's Denials

Click here for a video from Brian Stelter's Reliable Sources. It's ex-Fox personality Tamara Holder fighting back against Rupert Murdoch's airbrushing of Fox's offenses -- in fact, Fox was a cesspool of misogyny.

Holder sued and won a money judgement against Fox. By the terms of the settlement, she signed an NDA -- a nondisclosure agreement -- promising not to speak out against Fox on the subject of the lawsuit. She says she expects to be sued by Fox (she's a lawyer), but she says Murdoch has violated the terms of the settlement by disparaging and defaming her, in the way that he brushed off the claims against Fox. Holder claims:
"Either Mr. Murdoch is a liar, or he's delusional and old and needs to get out."


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