Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Government Shutdown By April 28?

Click here for an article at Daily Kos by Kerry Eleveld, entitled "Republicans bypass Trump's budget requests to avert a government shutdown."

Congress has to pass a bill by April 28 to keep funding the government. Through Obama's eight years, when the Republicans controlled Congress -- and especially the House -- it was wingnut far-right tea partiers, then the Freedom Caucus, who kept threatening to shut down the government if they didn't get their way -- and under the leadership of Boehner, then Ryan, it was a serious problem because they refused to work with Democrats to secure enough votes to pass a bill. This time around, things are different.

The Freedom Caucus  is just as obstreperous as ever, but this time -- particularly because of the way the F.C. scuttled Ryan's repeal-and-replace efforts on health care -- Republicans are quietly working with Pelosi and Schumer to ensure there enough votes to secure funding to keep the government running. The problem this time: Trump.

It may go smoothly; the fear now is that Trump may threaten to refuse to sign any budget agreement that doesn't include funding for his pet projects -- such as The Wall. (I say "threaten" because he will likely back down in the end, but it could be messy.)


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