Saturday, February 25, 2017

Warning: Bannon Alert!

Here is a frightening answer on Quora to the question: "Does Trump want a nuclear war?" The answer is inconclusive (and the question a little nonsensical), but it purports to explain the alarming political philosophy of Steve Bannon; if correct, we all should be very, very afraid.
As I listened to Steve Bannon, a chill ran through me. The first time he said it, I thought I had misheard. The second time, I was sure. the third time I was horrified. It explained EVERYTHING, yet no one in the room had heard. "Deconstruction of the administrative state." And there it was. The reason that someone who wanted to destroy the Environmental Protection Agency was given the top job at the EPA. The reason someone who wanted to close all schools got the job in charge of education. The reason a surgeon who wants to eliminate public housing got that job. But, that is not what made my blood run cold. See, whilst the Republicans in the room whooped it up with delight because they keep saying they don't like paying taxes, cut public works - it is socialist, they had not "heard" what the madman was saying. Unlike Mein Kampf telling us what Hitler wanted to do, Steve Bannon doesn't need to write a book. It has already been written. And like the the phrase the "Third Reich" that was coined by van den Bruck, it uses a similar set of predictions in a new political ideology called The Fourth Political Theory.

See, when Bannon stood there at his conference and declared that they would deconstruct the administrative state, he wasn't talking about America. He was talking about the world! Steve Bannon is nothing but honest. He has told everyone for a long time what he is all about. He is an ardent follower of the principles of the Fourth Political Theory and has long since declared that he is a Leninist. He even declared that every single morning he is pushing this ideology onto Trump just to make sure he stays on track.

So, what is the Fourth Political Theory? It's tag line is simple. "Beyond left and right but against the center." Doesn't that sound exactly like the Trump administration? Hell, he isn't even a Republican! The Fourth Political Theory was designed by Alexander Dugin. Whilst everyone is scrambling to find the Russian-Link, perhaps this is the one that they are missing. DUGIN IS PUTIN'S STEVE BANNON!!!

Essentially this "theory" is a mish-mash of communism, fascism and corporatism and wants what it calls "a traditional society," a society based on caste, religion and "pre-modernity." They want to take us back to the dark ages and reject, and this is a quote, "progress, development, equality, justice and freedom, " leaving a dictator behind to control it all. They talk about the "global rehabilitation of Tradition, the sacred, the religious, the cast related, the hierarchical and not equality, justice or freedom. " Basically, the administrative deconstruction of world order with only one or two leaders and the people will accept it because they have religion. (Sounds like they are halfway there with the Republican voters as it is!)

So, when Bannon continually stated he is using Trump to deconstruct the administrative state, he is doing the bidding of Alexander Dugin, who states, "American Liberalism must be DESTROYED. " And. "We need to the New Middle Ages......The Modernity is wrong - science, values, philosophy, art, society....We are going to end it. " It sounds like the 1933 rants of Heidegger that even that Nazis thought was off his rocker.

This is why Bannon told Trump in the next few years America will war with China leading to Trump just declaring that he will be asking for the largest nuclear arms budget ever. This is why Bannon is telling Trump he will get worldwide resistance, but to keep going. This is why the National Front of Le Pen, leading in France polling for the upcoming election, wants to destroy Europe and join an alliance with Russia - and you can see pictures of Le Pen and Bannon together. This is why Trump is so pro-Russia - because he is nothing more than a vessel for Bannon. (We know this because he did not even realize that he was promoting Bannon to National Security Council WITHOUT background checks in an unprecedented move that removed the director of national intelligence and the chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff.) This is why Trump does what he likes and does not care for laws or rules or budgets, because Bannon has made him see that none of it will matter when he is the master in the West and Putin is the master in the east.

It is absolutely perilous to ignore the influence of Dugin on Putin, with his "expand-or-die" philosophy because Russia can never be at peace with its neighbors. It is now equally perilous to ignore the influence Bannon has on Trump. Russia and Ukraine. America and Mexico. Bannon and Dugin advising Putin and Trump to "go apocalyptic" in order to survive (Last War of the World-Island Dugin 2015)

America, you have been warned.


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