Tuesday, February 21, 2017

What's Wrong With Fox News?

Click here for an article at The Washington Post by Paul Waldman, entitled "How Trump’s obsession with the media endangers his presidency — and all of us."

It includes an excellent critique of Fox News:
It isn’t just that Fox News is conservative, it’s that it portrays a vision of the world meant to play on the fears and frustrations of its core audience, which is elderly white people (the median age of a Fox News viewer in prime time is 68). In that world, immigrants are overrunning our country, minorities are committing crimes at unprecedented levels, Muslims want to kill us all, and the white man is the most oppressed person in America. Individual stories that have zero practical significance are treated like urgent crises if they reinforce that worldview (see, for instance, Megyn Kelly’s dozens of breathless reports about the New Black Panther Party). And Fox News, like the other cable news channels, has no incentive to tell its viewers to calm down and think things through in a sober way; you get people not to change the channel by keeping them agitated and telling them that the next story is vitally important or threatening, whether it actually is or not.


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