Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Garcetti Or Newsom For President?

Click here for an article in the LA Times, by Michael Finnegan and Dakota Smith, entitled "Garcetti wins reelection in landslide as City Council incumbents prevail." Here is Garcetti, pictured with his wife;

[Democratic] Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti won reelection Tuesday in what appeared to be one of the biggest landslides in the city’s history, crushing 10 little-known rivals and strengthening his standing for a potential run for higher office.

With nearly half the ballots counted, Garcetti was holding more than 80% of the vote. If his vote share remains in that range when the tally is done, it will likely surpass the record of nearly a century of Los Angeles mayors.
Also in California politics, Democrat Gavin Newsom, former mayor of San Francisco and current Lieutenant Governor, will run for governor in 2018:

Both Garcetti and Newsom are thought to be future presidential nominees for the Democrats.


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