Monday, March 27, 2017

Climate Change: Good News!

Click here for an article by Adam Vaughan at The Guardian, entitled "Coal in 'freefall' as new power plants dive by two-thirds."
The amount of new coal power being built around the world fell by nearly two-thirds last year, prompting campaigners to claim the polluting fossil fuel was in freefall.

The dramatic decline in new coal-fired units was overwhelmingly due to policy shifts in China and India and subsequent declining investment prospects, according to a report by Greenpeace, the US-based Sierra Club and research network CoalSwarm.
Trump is promising a resurgence of the coal industry in the U.S., but it's not going to happen,
“Markets are demanding clean energy, and no amount of rhetoric from Donald Trump will be able to stop the fall of coal in the US and across the globe,” said Nicole Ghio, senior campaigner at the Sierra Club, a US-based NGO which has managed to force many US coal plants to close over the last decade.


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