Monday, March 13, 2017

Preet Bharara vs. Fox News? UPDATED

From "The Daily 202" at The Washington Post:
-- Rupert Murdoch is one of the biggest beneficiaries of Trump firing Preet Bharara. New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman reports: "Since Election Day, Murdoch, now the executive chairman of Fox News, has personally nudged the network in a more pro-Trump direction. Trump seems to be returning the goodwill … [and] now Murdoch may be poised to reap a much bigger win from a Trump administration action. That’s because on Saturday, Trump oversaw the firing of Preet Bharara … whose office is in the middle of a high-profile federal investigation of Fox News. Which is why, for Murdoch, it must be a relief that Bharara’s replacement could be an ally. ... Trump’s shortlist to replace Bharara includes Marc Mukasey — who just happens to be former Fox News chief Roger Ailes’s personal lawyer … Considering Mukasey's close relationship with Ailes, he would surely come under pressure to recuse himself from the Fox probe if he was appointed by Trump to succeed Bharara[:] 'I have no comment,' Mukasey said when I reached him Sunday evening and asked if he planned to do so, should he get the job."
UPDATE: He was investigating Trump's Secretary for health and Human Services, too, noted Obamacare-hater Tom Price, for insider trading and stock fraud.


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